When car accidents occur, many people who feel uninjured won’t go to the hospital or doctor after the incident. Usually, this is a big mistake that could end up costing a car accident victim money — or even their life. Here are three major reasons you need to go to the hospital or visit your doctor after a car crash, even if you feel “fine.”

1. Adrenaline Could Be Masking Injuries

Adrenaline runs high for everyone involved in a car accident because it is a frightening and disorienting experience. It can mask the symptoms of injuries you may have, causing you to feel no pain. If you were injured internally and your injuries are not visible, you may be unaware that you were hurt in the crash until much later. In some cases of brain injures or cases of internal bleeding, waiting could be life threatening.

2. Let the Record Show

It’s important to have official records of your injuries. Likewise, an official record of no injuries is also important. A visit to the emergency room or your doctor’s office can provide you with records that allow you to establish how you were injured and the severity of the injury. If you wait to see the doctor, the status of your injuries will change as they begin to heal. Additionally, there will be no initial documentation of what occurred on the actual day of the accident.

3. Auto Accident Claims Are Often Denied If Victims Don’t Go to the Hospital

If you wait to visit a doctor or go to the hospital, you may jeopardize your right to bring forward a claim for compensation. The opposition may argue that if you weren’t injured enough to seek medical attention, that you’re not injured enough to need compensation for medical bills and lost wages. By seeing a doctor right away, you protect your right to compensation if you decide to bring a claim forward.

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