Witnesses add value to your car accident claim in different ways. A lay witness is usually someone who saw the car accident. They can testify to what actually happened before and during the collision. This is quite useful, however, an expert witness has even more value to add to your case. This type of witness is often a professional in their field, like an accident reconstruction specialist or a physician. Here’s what you should know about having an expert witness in your corner.

The Importance of Lay Witness Testimony

While expert testimony is often crucial to a car accident claim, lay witness testimony shouldn’t be discounted. In fact, it can be very useful when the other person’s insurance company is disputing who was actually at fault. A lay witness can testify in writing, in a recorded verbal statement, or during litigation. They might, for example, tell the court if the other driver broke a traffic law before the crash. They can also testify if there weren’t any signs warning of dangerous conditions around the scene.

The Importance of Expert Witness Testimony

Courts often give more weight to what an expert has to say when they testify in your case. This can be essential when trying to prove things like an inability to work after the accident or how much your compensation should be. An expert like a medical doctor can testify to the severity of your injuries. A doctor can also provide examples of similar injuries and how those individuals were disabled. An expert like an economist can provide accurate projections for lost wages, accounting for inflation and expected changes to the economy.

Expert witnesses are often tantamount to obtaining the full financial restitution you deserve in a car accident claim. This is because of their ability to testify on specific aspects of your case that relate to compensation.

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