Veterinary technicians are at risk for an animal attack every day, particularly dog bites. Going to the vet is a point of stress for many animals. This is especially true if they are hurt, ill, or undergoing an uncomfortable procedure. This increases the risk that they will bite or attack. While many vet techs are comfortable with the animals they work around, others become the victim of severe injury. Can a vet technician bring forward a dog bite claim?

Pursuing the Veterinary Clinic Itself After an Injury

Veterinary clinic owners and veterinarians have a duty to adequately train their staff on handling aggressive dogs. This includes training on avoiding injuries from dog bites and attacks. This is crucial due to the higher level of risk vet techs assume at work. If a vet tech is injured by a dog bite yet was inappropriately advised on risk reduction, the owner of the clinic or the chief veterinarian may be considered responsible for the injuries.

When an Owner May Be Liable for Injury

If an owner with an aggressive dog does not inform the veterinary practice about the dog’s history, they may be considered liable for injuries. The owner has a duty to inform them that their dog has been or is aggressive. This way, staff may take appropriate precautions. This may involve keeping a muzzle on the dog or sedating it.

What You Need to Prove

If you’re a veterinarian or a vet tech and were injured by a dog, you must show that the dog’s owner had prior knowledge of the dog’s propensity for violence. If the dog had never bitten or attacked before, it may be difficult to pin liability on the owner. In cases where vet techs are victims due to lack of training, the victim must provide proof that their employer did not properly train them in dog bite safety.

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