Many people wait several weeks, months, or over a year to seek counsel from a personal injury attorney after an accident. However, this can be quite compromising to a case. Waiting makes it difficult to get the justice and compensation you deserve. Here’s why it’s critical to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following your accident.

Preservation of Evidence

The most crucial component of your case is evidence. However, over time, evidence is lost, damaged, or downright covered up. For example, if you are hurt on the job, waiting to contact an attorney gives your employer more time to talk to potential witnesses and confuse them about what they saw. They could even sway them to testify against you.

Police investigations might be botched. Evidence that makes or breaks a case can be dust in the wind months after an accident. An attorney helps ensure that the accident investigation is properly conducted and all pertinent evidence is collected and preserved.

Advocating for Your Rights

Many insurance companies will contact injured individuals after an accident and pressure them into accepting a settlement. They’re counting on the person’s mounting medical bills as a reason to accept a settlement quickly. Once a settlement offer is accepted, no further damages are pursued.

A personal injury attorney will talk to insurance companies on your behalf and will be able to accurately assess whether an offer is “fair money” or whether it would be in your best interest to decline. As your family struggles to heal and make ends meet after an injury, you aren’t thinking clearly. Take time to think about what is and isn’t a fair offer for the injuries, pain, and suffering you endured. Your attorney can help you with that.

Keeping the Case Moving in the Right Direction

Many people injured due to negligence — or families of those killed as a result of carelessness — often know something is wrong. But, they have no idea what avenues they need to take to achieve justice. Families end up stalling because they don’t know where to go or who to talk to. Eventually, the statute of limitations runs out and a case can no longer be brought. An attorney helps the case move in the right direction. An attorney always seeks the desired end result and discovers the most efficient ways to get there.

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