Originally designed for children and adults with attention deficit disorders, fidget spinners are the hot new toy taking the country by storm. It seems like everyone has one these days and you can buy them anywhere from gas stations to grocery stores. Unfortunately, despite good intentions, there are reports of injuries. These injuries are due to poorly made spinners or spinners without appropriate warnings.

Here’s what you need to know about the dangers of the fidget spinner craze.

The Problem with Fidget Spinners

The idea behind fidget spinners — to provide children who need to “fidget” with something to do with their hands as they focus on other tasks — is a good one. However, irresponsible designers and manufacturers have made this innovative idea one that can turn frightening quickly. Very small, two pronged spinners are often small enough for children to swallow whole. Other spinner designs have small parts or batteries that can dislodge from the toy. In fact, children can swallow or choke on these small parts. Many fidget spinner toys with lights have tested positive for lead, which could lead to lead poisoning.

Many manufacturers of fidget spinners fail to provide warning information about small parts or choking hazards. Also, this failure may violate federal laws about toy safety.

Who to Hold Liable for Spinner Injuries

It may seem innovative that fidget spinner designs do not belong to a single brand or manufacturer, this creates liability issues. Many different companies manufacture fidget spinners. It is often obscure as to which company designed and built a particular spinner. Therefore, it may be challenging to hold an entity responsible for injuries caused by poor design or manufacturing defects.

In cases of fidget spinner injuries, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer can assist you in determining who may be held responsible for your child’s injuries.

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