Vet Technicians & Dog Bite Claims

Posted on : September 12, 2017, By:  Zink & Lenzi
Chico Dog Bite Attorney

Veterinary technicians are at risk for an animal attack every day, particularly dog bites. Going to the vet is a point of stress for many animals. This is especially true if they are hurt, ill, or undergoing an uncomfortable procedure. This increases the risk that they will bite or attack. While many vet techs are […]

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Are Fidget Spinners Dangerous?

Posted on : August 22, 2017, By:  Zink & Lenzi
Chico Personal Injury Lawyer Fidget Spinners

Originally designed for children and adults with attention deficit disorders, fidget spinners are the hot new toy taking the country by storm. It seems like everyone has one these days and you can buy them anywhere from gas stations to grocery stores. Unfortunately, despite good intentions, there are reports of injuries. These injuries are due […]

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How to Hold an Animal Shelter Liable for an Attack

Posted on : July 24, 2017, By:  Zink & Lenzi
Chico Dog Bite Attorney

Many cases of dog bites occur when a person is a guest at someone’s house and that person’s dog attacks them. However, some cases of dog bites occur at an animal shelter or shortly after a dog’s adoption from a shelter. If a shelter knowingly hid a dog’s history of biting and a person was […]

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What You Need to Know About Left Turn Motorcycle Accidents

Posted on : June 25, 2017, By:  Zink & Lenzi
Chico Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle riding is a favorite pastime for many. But motorcycle accidents pose a greater danger to a rider than someone in a passenger vehicle. This is particularly true when a motorcyclist drives straight but a car or truck driver turns left into their path. Here are some facts about left turn motorcycle accidents and how to get […]

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How to Calculate the Amount of Your Car Accident Claim

Posted on : June 11, 2017, By:  Zink & Lenzi
Personal Injury Lawyer

Calculating the estimated return of a car accident claim is critical to negotiating a fair settlement. Attorneys and insurance claim adjusters use complex formulas arrive at a reasonable numerical value of a claim. Here’s how you can get an idea of what that number is likely to be. Adding Up Fixed Expenses The first thing […]

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