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Insurance companies are well funded and represented by attorneys. You need the help of Zink & Lenzi to represent you and protect your legal rights. The Law Offices of Zink & Lenzi have been helping victims of personal injury for over 30 years. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We even make home and hospital visits. We fight to get the highest settlement amount for you and your family, and when you retain us to handle your personal injury case; we will not charge any fee until we recover money on your behalf!

The Law Offices of Zink & Lenzi exclusively practice personal injury and wrongful death law. All of our efforts are focused in one area of the law, and because we do it every day and have been at it for more than thirty years, we know everything there is to know about obtaining compensation for victims of negligence in California.


Sometimes people are injured badly and their lives are torn apart, through no fault of their own. Sometimes families are left to persevere without a loved one whom they counted on for support, protection, and guidance. When an individual is harmed through negligence or a deliberate action, whether by another individual or by a giant corporation, the law provides channels for that individual to receive appropriate compensation from the offending party. Why should you have to suffer for something someone else did? It isn’t fair; it’s wrong!


If you’ve been injured and the adjuster for the at-fault party’s insurance company is coming after you for a recorded statement or insisting on having you sign medical authorizations, and offering a quick and easy settlement, you might be uncertain how to proceed. You need professional legal advice!

You’ve come to the right place. Here at The Law Offices of Zink & Lenzi, we do everything possible to make things right or as close to right as possible. If you’ve lost a loved one in a fatal accident caused by a distracted driver, or if you’re facing life in a wheelchair because a drunk driver ran a light and slammed into you, we can’t give you back your loved one. We may not be able to give you back the good health you once had, but we can make the person who caused this grievous harm stand up and face the truth about what his or her reckless behavior has done. We can help place you in a better position to pick up the pieces of your life as it is today and move on. We will pursue a monetary recovery on your behalf that will help to restore your life. We will hold whoever is responsible for your losses accountable.

The personal injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Zink & Lenzi are available to discuss your legal options. We are here to review your case and give you an overview of your legal options at no cost to you whatsoever and with no strings attached. We are skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, and deeply committed to justice for the injured.


Personal Injury Attorney for Accident ClaimWe know how to do battle with large and powerful insurance companies who want to persuade you to settle for the small amount they are prepared to offer, knowing you probably have little idea of the true value of your case.
Insurance companies will tell you that you don’t need a lawyer. Don’t believe them!

Insurance companies exist for one purpose only: profit. Profits are generated by taking in large amounts of money in premiums and paying out the bare minimum that they can get away with in benefits. Every claim they pay comes out of their profits. So do you believe them when they tell you they’re going to take care of you?

Research has shown that plaintiffs with experienced personal injury lawyers walk away with substantially more money than those who try to represent themselves.


Injuries and wrongful deaths happen in many ways, and when they do, you need top-notch legal representation to guide you through the claims process to get you the recovery you need and deserve, and to hold the person responsible accountable. At The Law Offices of Zink & Lenzi, we handle all types of personal injury cases, with these being among the more common:

  • Car Wreck LawyerCar accidents, truck, bus, and motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents
  • Slip, trip, and fall accidents
  • Assaults
  • Construction accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Elder abuse
  • Any accident that was caused in full or part by someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing

In most cases, we are able to get you a full and adequate settlement for all of your economic and non-economic damages without going to trial. From the day we accept your case, we will be preparing it for trial, and if taking your matter to a jury is the only way to get you what you deserve, we’re ready every time. We are, above all else, trial lawyers, and will never avoid the courtroom if a trial is in our client’s best interest. We’ve recovered over $75 million dollars both in and out of court for thousands of personal injury clients.


If you or someone you care for has been hurt by another’s negligence, we invite you to call The Law Offices of Zink & Lenzi for personalized legal representation. We will fight tirelessly for your right to a recovery and will keep you involved and informed along the way.

Make the call now, because California law restricts the amount of time you have to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. You will have no legal costs until the time you receive your settlement. If we don’t recover money for you, you pay nothing ever!

What Compensation Can You Demand in a Personal Injury Claim?

If someone else’s negligent conduct or wrongdoing caused you to suffer physical, emotional, and/or financial injury, you may be Personal Injury Lawyers in Chicoentitled to receive compensatory damages for your losses.

Whether you were hit by a reckless driver, slipped on a wet floor in a store, or were injured by a defective product, there are different types of damages you could pursue including economic, non-economic and punitive damages — all designed to make you “whole.”

The Law Offices of Zink & Lenzi will pursue the maximum compensation for which you are entitled under the law.

Economic damages include any quantifiable monetary losses, including:

  • Past and future medical care expenses
      • Ambulance cost, emergency room visit, hospital stays, surgical procedures, diagnostic testing, specialist care
      • Prescription and over-the-counter medications
      • Medical aids, like crutches and slings
      • Transportation to and from doctor appointments
    • Lost income — wages and all other earnings that were lost due to your inability to work for a period of time
      • Loss of future earnings and earning capacity
      • Job retraining
      • Disability (temporary or permanent)
    • Property damage — cost of repairs to your vehicle. If your vehicle was totaled, we can seek the amount that represents its fair market value
      • Reimbursement for personal property damaged or destroyed in the accident such as cell phone, jewelry, laptop, etc.
  • Funeral/burial costs

Non-economic damages refers to intangible losses you may have endured such as

  • pain and suffering
  • emotional distress, psychological or mental treatment needs
  • loss of consortium
  • loss of guardianship

Punitive damages may be awarded in addition to compensatory damages if the liable party demonstrated a willful, egregious or malicious intent to harm you. These damages are meant primarily to punish the at-fault party.

Claim and Lawsuit Filing Deadlines in California

In a personal injury case, the statute of limitations is the specific amount of time to settle your claim with the insurance company or file a lawsuit. In California, most personal injury claims need to be filed within two years of the date you were injured. If you did not immediately discover your injury on the date of your accident however, then the statute of limitations changes to one year from the date you discovered the injury.  Chico personal injury attorney

There is also a different statute of limitations for allegations of medical malpractice and claims against a government entity. For a medical practice lawsuit, you would have to file a claim against the health care provider within one year of the incident. If you plan on suing the city of Chico or the state of California, the statute of limitations shrinks to just six months from the date of your accident.

Failure to meet the deadline that corresponds with your claim will result in losing the right to pursue legal action in court.

Stages of a Personal Injury Claim

There are several important steps in the personal injury claim process beginning at the scene of the accident through settlement negotiations with the insurance company and potentially a trial.

Call for Help

Immediately following the accident, call 911 for medical care and also request assistance from the police. If you were injured in a store or at the workplace, inform a manager and request an accident report.

Seek Medical Attention

If you do not go to the emergency room right away, make sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible with a local clinic orPersonal Injury Lawyer in Chico California your family doctor. Even if you do not think you are hurt, it’s important to be evaluated. Injuries are not always immediately apparent. A simple headache, for example, could turn into something more serious like a brain bleed or other traumatic brain injury. The sooner you document your injuries after the accident, the more credible your claim becomes linking your injury to the accident.

Gather Evidence

  • Take pictures of your injuries, property damage and the overall accident scene
  • If you were in a motor vehicle collision, obtain the contact information of the other driver/s as well as their insurance information and license plate number/s.
  • Preserve any broken car parts or parts of a defective product
  • Obtain the contact information of any witnesses present at the time of the incident
  • Make sure an accident report is filed and ask for a copy
  • You should immediately report the accident to your insurance company and state that you need to open a claim. However, do not discuss the facts of the accident or reveal the nature or extent of your injuries.
  • Days, weeks and months after your injury make sure you are receiving ongoing treatment. Any lapse in medical treatment will be used by the insurance adjuster to devalue your claim.

File a Claim

A personal injury attorney at The Law Offices of Zink & Lenzi can assist you in opening up a claim with the insurance carrier of the person responsible for your injuries. During the time that you are receiving medical treatment, we will work hard to conduct our own investigation aimed at examining and gathering evidence to strengthen your claim.

Settlement Negotiations

When you have completed your medical care, we will prepare a formal settlement demand letter and submit it to the liable party andCA Personal Injury Lawyer, located in Chico their insurance company. A demand letter consists of:

  • The who, what, when, where, and how of your accident  
  • A liability analysis with supporting evidence proving the negligence of the other party
    • police reports, witness statements, photos
  • Comprehensive explanation of injuries suffered and future prognosis
    • Doctor’s notes, X-rays, test results, medical expert opinion
  • Detailed list of all costs incurred
    • Medical bill receipts, pay stubs
  • Commentary on how your life has been adversely impacted
    • Limitations — physical, mental, professional
    • Pain and suffering
  • Name demand amount or dollar amount that you will accept in order to resolve your claim

If the insurance company agrees to pay what you are demanding, then your case will be settled. At the The Law Offices of Zink & Lenzi, we will never let you settle for any less than what your claim is worth. If an agreement cannot be reached with the insurance company, we can file a lawsuit in court. If trial is necessary, we prepare you for the process and make sure your rights are protected the entire time. With over 30 years of of trial experience, you can trust that we have the skill and resources to fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

How Much is Your Personal Injury Claim Worth?

There are several factors that can impact the value of your claim, some of which includes:

  • Liability of another party; any comparative negligence on your part
  • Extent of injuries and damages suffered
  • Policy limits of insurance of negligent party, your own insurance policy limits

Who is liable?

Proving that another person or company is liable or at fault for your accident and subsequent injuries is essential for recovering a fair settlement.

Common Liable Parties in Personal Injury Case

  • MotoristsChico, CA Personal Injury Claims Attorney
  • Owners of commercial, public or residential property
  • Public entities — city, county, state governments
  • Employers
  • Manufacturers

The legal theory used to impose liability is negligence. Conduct becomes “negligent” when someone fails to exercise reasonable care to prevent foreseeable harm.

There are four elements that generally need to be present to establish negligence in a personal injury case:

  1. You were owed a duty of care. For instance, a driver has the responsibility to drive reasonably and a store has a responsibility to keep their floors and aisles free of debris
  2. The duty of care was breached or there was a failure to uphold the duty. If someone was speeding and rear-ended you, they violated the rules of the road and failed to act the way a normal person would act in similar circumstances.
  3. There is a causal link between the negligent actions of someone else and your injuries. In other words, you never would have gotten hurt, if it hadn’t been for a breach of duty.
  4. Your accident and injury resulted in actual damages

The Importance of Medical Evidence in Your Personal Injury Case

The foundation of any personal injury claim is medical evidence that proves the existence of an injury. Without medical records, Personal Injury Legal Help in Chico, CAdoctor’s chart notes, test results, X-rays, MRI films, office appointment histories or billing records, it’s difficult to illustrate that you suffered injuries and are therefore entitled to monetary compensation.

Your medical records can provide detailed information related to:

  • the nature and extent of your injuries
  • the treatment you received for those injuries
  • your complaints of pain, discomfort, and limitations
  • chronic or permanent health problems that resulted from injuries
  • the effect your injuries have had on your everyday life, ability to earn a living

What if the Liable Party is Uninsured or Underinsured?

The at-fault party’s insurance carrier is responsible for providing coverage up to their policy limits. In the event that the liable party is uninsured, you will need to submit a claim for bodily injuries with your own insurance company. Similarly, if the at-fault party has low policy limits and your injuries are severe, it may not be sufficient to cover your total losses. In this case, you will have to go through your own insurance company to obtain coverage for the remaining difference.

What If I’m Partially Responsible for the Accident?

If it is determined that you were partially to blame for the accident, California relies on a legal doctrine called pure comparative negligence to assign fault. The good news is, you can still recover damages but your recovery will be reduced by the percentage of fault attributed to you in the accident. For example, if you have suffered $10,000 in damages and you were found to be 20% liable, you would receive $8,000.

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