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3 Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

Posted on: May 9, 2018
Chico California Slip & Fall Accident Attorneys

After A Slip & Fall, Take Action Quickly

You may be eligible for compensation for your injuries, however, there are several steps you need to take first. Here’s what you need to do to explore the option of financial restitution for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

1. Go to the Hospital Immediately

One of the most critical things you must do after being hurt in a slip and fall accident is to go to the hospital for evaluation and treatment. This is true even if you don’t believe your injuries are that severe. If you wait to get medical treatment, you can count on the other side accusing you of not actually being injured. Also, it’s not uncommon for the shock of a severe fall to mask pain and injuries — you may have broken a bone or sustained a concussion and be unaware of the damage done.

At the hospital, they will record your immediate symptoms and how the accident happened, which will be invaluable later on if the case goes to court. Often the details of an accident fade with time, but it’s difficult to argue with the information written down by doctors and other medical staff the day of the incident.

2. Document Your Injuries

As you heal, be sure to document your injuries. Write down how you are feeling every day and take pictures of your healing progress. This will go a long way towards illustrating how severe your injuries are and how they may be limiting your ability to go to work or engage in normal daily activities like cooking, cleaning, driving, and shopping.

Avoid posting on social media during this time, even about things you’re doing that are unrelated to the accident. This information can be twisted and used against you by the other side. Instead, write in a journal and keep your pictures in a secure file on your computer or on a disc. Or, you can print them and keep them in a physical file.

3. Contact an Experienced Slip and Fall Lawyer

To obtain compensation for expenses related to the accident, you must have an experienced slip and fall attorney on your side. By working with an attorney, you increase the chances that your case will be successful and you’ll receive the full and fair compensation you deserve. Contact the Law Offices of Zink & Lenzi today for a consultation at 530-895-1234.

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