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Do Accident Attorneys Take Cases Based On Contingency?

Posted on: December 15, 2020

If you’ve been in an accident and don’t have a lot of resources behind you, it may be worrisome that you won’t be able to pay for a lawyer to help you file a claim for your injuries. However, many accident attorneys don’t charge up front for their services. Here’s what you should know about legal cases on contingency and what it may mean for you and your accident case. 

Contingency Fees

The most common form of payment for personal injury attorneys is a contingency fee. When an accident lawyer takes on a case they believe they’ll be able to win, they agree to collect a percentage of the settlement award when they do. However, they also agree to accept no payment in the event that the case is lost. 

Why Contingency Is Used 

Personal injury lawyers use the contingency fee model more than attorneys in other practice areas for a few reasons. Accidents are rarely if ever expected and most people aren’t financially prepared for the volume of expenses associated with a serious accident or injury. By allowing accident victims to promise a portion of their settlement to the attorney who works on their case, these individuals can obtain the legal support they need to seek full and fair restitution after being hurt by someone else’s negligence. 

Contingent fees also allow injury lawyers to accept only the cases they feel have a high chance of success, so the victim isn’t put through the entire legal process only to lose later on when negotiating the settlement or during litigation. 

How Your Accident Attorney Gets Paid 

Most accident attorneys take 30% or so out of your final settlement once an agreement with the defendant has been reached or a judge has made a decision. They’ll also use a small portion of the funds to cover incurred costs like hotel and travel, postage, and other expenses they paid for you up front. Once this has been done, you are paid the rest of the settlement. 

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