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How Can I Avoid a Pedestrian Accident as a Driver?

Posted on: June 22, 2020

Drivers have a responsibility to take extra care when operating their vehicles around pedestrians or in areas where there are likely to be pedestrians. Here are some things drivers can do to help avoid a pedestrian accident, and what to do if you were hit by a driver who wasn’t engaging in fundamental safety practices. 

Go Slower In Areas Where There Are More People 

If you’re driving through an area where there are likely to be people walking around, such as in a residential area or downtown, go slower than the posted speed limit. Even if you don’t see any people around, if you know you’re in an area where pedestrians frequent, use extreme caution. 

Obey School Zone Speed Limits and School Bus Laws 

Never speed in school zones and always stop for the flashing lights on a school bus. Children can dart out in front of your vehicle with little to no warning, or you may try to drive around a school bus and strike a child crossing the street who you couldn’t see from behind the bus. 

Do Not Immediately Drive Around Stopped Traffic 

If a vehicle stops in front of you, avoid the temptation to drive around and continue on your way, for the same reason that you should never drive around a stopped school bus. There may be a pedestrian that you can’t see but the driver in front of you can. Wait for the person ahead to either begin driving again or wave you around. 

Make Eye Contact with Pedestrians Crossing the Street 

Pedestrians crossing the street want to know that you see them and are stopping for them. Try to make eye contact with them and nod or wave to let them know it’s safe to pass. This can help avoid confusion, especially if you both arrive at an intersection at the same time and aren’t sure who is going to try to cross first. 

Were You Hit By a Driver Neglecting Basic Pedestrian Safety? 

If you or someone you love were a pedestrian and were hit by a driver neglecting basic safety, you may have the right to financial compensation for your injuries. 

Zink & Lenzi injury lawyers understand how devastating being struck by a vehicle is and how to pursue the highest settlement award possible to cover the extensive damages you’ve incurred. Call today for your consultation at 580-895-1234. 

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