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How Can I Prevent My Child from Getting Attacked by a Dog?

Posted on: April 29, 2019
Attorney For Child Dog Bite Injury

Although many dogs are friendly and will never harm a human, let alone a child, others are vicious and dangerous to children. It’s often difficult to know which type of dog your child will come into contact with until it’s too late. Here are some ways you can prevent your child from getting bit by a dog and what to do if your child is, unfortunately, the victim of an attack.

Avoid Strange or Unneutered Male Dogs

By far the easiest way to help your child avoid a dog attack is to keep them away from strange dogs. Strange dogs may be friendly, but that’s a big “if.” You never know when a strange dog is going to get upset or defensive and attack. Also, avoid coming into contact with unneutered male dogs. Statistically, these dogs bite or attack more than male dogs who are neutered and female dogs, spayed or unspayed.

Teach Canine Body Language

It may not be possible for your family to avoid dogs, even strange ones. For example, you may visit a family or friend’s home where a dog is present, or you may own a dog. Your neighbors may walk their dog in front of your home every morning when your child is playing in the yard. Even the nicest dogs are capable of attacking, so it’s important for your child to understand how a dog acts when they are warning of an impending attack.

Signs that a dog is becoming agitated include baring their teeth, lowering their head, lowering their ears to the back of their head, growling, snapping, nipping, and more. Teach your child these behaviors and help them to recognize an angry dog. Teach them to never make eye contact and to back away slowly while facing them and still remaining calm. If your child does get attacked, teach them to roll tight into a ball and use their arms, hands, and elbows to protect their face, head, and ears.

Was Your Child Bit by a Dog? Contact Zink & Lenzi Injury Lawyers Today

If your child was hurt by a dog, it’s important that you have someone on your side who can advocate for your child’s best interests. Often, insurance companies and dog owners will push for an easy settlement to get the case out of the way, but the settlement ends up being too little to cover the true cost of care for the injuries.

The Law Offices of Zink & Lenzi can help you recover the maximum amount of compensation possible from all responsible parties, so your child’s medical care, psychological care, and other related costs are covered after being the victim of a vicious attack. Contact us today for a consultation at 530-895-1234.

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