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How Can I Tell If the Truck Driver Who Hit Me Was Fatigued?

Posted on: July 9, 2021
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When traveling in their vehicle, most people do not expect to be hurt in an accident caused by an 18-wheeler or other large truck. 

Unfortunately, these accidents are all too prevalent, and they usually lead to significant injuries and even death for people in passenger vehicles. Truck driver exhaustion is one of the top causes of truck crashes in the United States, and various restrictions exist to help truck drivers manage these massive vehicles safely. 

However, not all trucking enterprises or their drivers follow these standards, putting other individuals on the road in danger. Here are some signs that a truck may be fatigued. 

Truck Driver Fatigue: What Is It? 

Driver exhaustion is usually caused by a handful of common issues faced by truck drivers, including a lack of adequate sleep, driving for long periods of time without breaks, or working when ill. Although it may seem less dangerous than drinking and driving, tiredness ranks right up there with driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs. 

It’s one of the most dangerous impairments a truck driver can have. Without enough sleep, the driver’s judgment and motor abilities are severely compromised, much like if he or she were under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

Identifying Exhaustion In Truck Drivers 

There are various signs that a truck driver could have been too tired to operate their truck, and that sleep deprivation may have had a role in the collision:

  • The driver of the vehicle was swerving in and out of their own lane.
  • The driver was going far slower than the posted speed limit.
  • The driver was going too fast and was driving over the posted speed limit.
  • The driver appeared to disregard stop signs, traffic lights, and other road signs. 

Why It’s Critical Involve a Personal Injury Lawyer After Truck Collision 

Unfortunately, commercial trucking corporations often have time after a an accident to destroy paperwork, erase or doctor time logs, and wipe black box recordings. It may be difficult to establish that the truck driver was at fault for your accident if this is the case. For example,  river-completed logs can indicate if a driver worked too many hours in a row, and automatic black box recordings can offer details like how fast the truck was going, when the brakes were applied, and other critical evidence.  

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