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I Admitted Fault – Is It Too Late to File an Accident Claim?

Posted on: March 6, 2021
Chico California Accident Attorney

If you’ve told anyone that a car accident you were involved in was partially or completely your fault, you may have damaged your ability to make a claim. You need the help of an experienced lawyer to navigate the next obstacles. Here’s what you should be aware of. 

Know That Insurance Companies Don’t Have Your Best Interests In Mind 

It’s not an uncommon assumption that car insurance carriers work to protect their customers. However, this just isn’t true. Insurance companies work to protect their revenue and bottom line, even if that comes at the expense of their customers. You can be sure that your insurance company is looking for any reason to deny your claim. 

How They’ll Use Your Admission of Fault Against You  

Any admission of guilt or fault no matter how minor may be used against you by the other driver’s insurance company or by their legal team if you pursue litigation in a court of law. 

Your statements may be exaggerated or embellished to make the situation look worse and to make the other party look as innocent as possible, even if they also contributed to the accident or even caused it. Expect that even innocuous statements will be reframed to make you look guilty. 

Phrases That May Make Your Case More Difficult  

What you say after getting into a car accident can either make your case easier or more difficult. If you just stick to giving the other driver your insurance information and contact details, or asking them if they need medical assistance, you’re generally not going to compromise your case with anything you say. 

However, if you say any of the following, your case could be harder to win: 

  • “I didn’t see your vehicle” or “I didn’t see the sign” 
  • “I had to check my phone real quick” 
  • “I was talking to my kids in the backseat” 
  • “I wasn’t paying attention for a second” 
  • “I can’t see very well” 
  • “I need to get my car fixed” 
  • “I apologize for ….” or “I’m sorry for ….” 

Hurt In a Car Crash? We’re Available Now to Help You 

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