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What Are Non-Economic Damages & How Are They Calculated?

Posted on: August 24, 2020

Financial Impact Of A Personal Injury

For many people who are injured, the financial impact of the injury is far less devastating than the non-economic impact. Here are several types of non-economic damages that can be awarded in personal injury cases and how to get the legal help you need after you or a family member were hurt in an accident.

Pain and Suffering 

Compensation for pain and suffering is meant to indemnify the accident victim for the physical injuries they experienced as a result of the incident. The amount of financial restitution awarded for pain is usually calculated based on the severity of the injuries to the victim and how difficult they made accomplishing daily tasks.

Emotional and Mental Anguish 

Accidents of any kind are emotionally traumatic. Often, injury victims suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and require additional counseling and mental health support for some time after the accident. Again, the amount of compensation awarded for emotional anguish generally depends on the severity of the person’s injuries.

Humiliation or Loss of Good Reputation 

In some cases, a person who is injured loses their reputation or their name becomes sullied as a result of the accident. If this is shown to have an impact on the victim’s relationships and career, they may be able to obtain compensation for the irreparable damage to their public image.

Scarring or Permanent Disfigurement 

Permanent scarring and disfigurement that results from an accident or injury can qualify a victim for additional financial restitution. For example, if someone was bitten in the face by a dog and suffers from permanent scarring that makes it harder to get a job or have a relationship, they may be eligible for a higher personal injury case settlement.

Loss of Consortium 

If you are the married partner of an accident victim who was either incapacitated or died during the incident, you may be eligible for loss of consortium compensation. Consortium is the special physical and emotional relationship between two spouses, which when lost is difficult to recover from. This compensation is separate from any financial award for lost wages.  

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