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What Happens If a Senior Driver Causes a Car Accident?

Posted on: September 22, 2021
Chico, CA Car Accident Attorney

After logging a lot of miles behind the wheel, you’re bound to run into a few bumps in the road along the way. One issue faced by motorists is the number of  older drivers on the road who aren’t able to drive as safely as they once did. Here’s what you should know about getting into a car accident caused by a senior driver and how a Chico accident lawyer can assist you. 

Common Mistakes Made By Senior Drivers 

Senior drivers tend to have a greater risk of: 

  • Reacting more slowly 
  • Driving while medicated or sedated 
  • Being unable to maneuver the vehicle due to stiffness or muscle rigidity 
  • Having trouble seeing and hearing their surroundings 
  • Confusion about their location or where they are going 

Elderly drivers may: 

  • Fail to yield or stop at traffic signs and stop lights 
  • Drive so slowly it’s dangerous 
  • Cut off other drivers when switching lanes 
  • Cause multi-car pile ups 

Protecting Yourself From Dangerous Seniors Behind the Wheel 

You can stay safer from potentially dangerous seniors who are still operating a vehicle by simply practicing safe driving habits. Pay attention to your surroundings, drive in well-lit areas or during the daytime when possible, and never drive while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, even if it’s prescription medication. Drive defensively and be on the lookout for drivers going well under the speed limit, swerving, or otherwise driving unsafely. 

What You Should Do In the Event of an Accident Caused By a Senior Driver 

As with any car accident, if the other driver is a senior, it’s important to make sure they are physically okay after the crash and don’t need medical attention. You should also seek medical care, as well as the advice of an injury lawyer who can help you determine if the other driver’s actions caused the collision. 

Call a Chico, CA Car Accident Attorney For Help Now 

Accidents can still occur, regardless of an older driver’s efforts, resulting in serious, critical, or life-threatening injuries.  The car accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Zink & Lenzi can assist you if you were injured in an automobile collision caused by a negligent motorist.

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