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What Is a Letter of Protection? (LOP)

Posted on: August 6, 2021
Chico Personal Injury Law

If you are in an accident and cannot pay your medical bills, your account may be sent to collections or you may be refused some types of treatment. Here’s what you should know about Letters of Protection (LOPs) and how they can benefit you after filing a personal injury lawsuit.  

What a Letter of Protection Says 

A Letter of Protection is a letter from a personal injury lawyer’s office that states medical expenses related to the case will be paid by the attorney or law firm issuing the LOP upon resolution. In exchange for a Letter of Protection, a medical provider must cease all debt collection activity against you. 

If your case is won, your lawyer will pay your healthcare costs out of your settlement, issuing you a check for the remainder less attorney and court costs. If you lose, you may be responsible for some or all of your medical expenses. This should be clearly outlined in the LOP before it is signed by the law firm representing you and your medical care providers. 

How LOPs Are Used 

Letters of Protection are used to protect an injured person’s credit while they await a settlement from an accident lawsuit or insurance claim. They also enable an injured individual to continue receiving healthcare they might otherwise be refused if they are unable to make payments during the processing of their claim. 

Can I Write My Own Letter of Protection? 

Since a Letter of Protection is a legally binding contract between the personal injury attorney you hire and the medical provider you are seeing, it’s generally not a good idea to attempt to write one yourself. A law firm typically draws up the LOP and submits it to you for review. Upon your approval, the LOP is then sent to your medical providers for each to sign. 

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